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ABOUT MOLOKAI - Climate & Weather

Molokai weather is wonderful year round, with temperatures averaging about 75F and rarely going 6 or 7 degrees above or below..   In winter (Dec. thru Mar.), the night time temeratures may drop to the lower 60s and you're more likely to experience a rainy day.

Spring, summer and fall are all very similar with warm days (up to 85F) cooled by the trade winds and pleasant evenings in the mid to lower 70s. However, on those days when the trade winds are calm, the heat and humidity will both rise a notch or two.

Here's some climate data taken at the Molokai Airport. Located at about 21.15N  157.10W.   Elevation about 449 feet/137m above sea level. Measurements are the prior 25 year averages.

Average Maximum Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
C 25.2 25.2 25.8 26.3 27.5 28.3 28.9 29.6 29.7 29.0 27.5 26.0 27.5
F 77.4 77.4 78.4 79.3 81.5 82.9 84.0 85.3 85.5 84.2 81.5 78.8 81.5

Average Minimum Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
C 17.817.518.1 19.0 19.8 20.9 21.5 21.7 21.6 21.2 20.1 18.6 19.8
F 64.0 63.5 64.6 66.2 67.6 69.6 70.7 71.1 70.9 70.2 68.2 65.5 67.6

Average Rainfall

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
mm 107.8 85.7 78.7 55.9 33.3 12.1 18.4 17.6 21.4 57.5 85.1 114.1 688.6
Current Conditions

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sunrise 1st 7:05am 7:05am 6:49am 6:21am 5:58am 5:46am 5:50am 6:02am 6:12am 6:19am 6:31am 6:49am
Sunrise 15th 7:08am 6:58am 6:37am 6:09am 5:50am 5:46am 5:55am 6:07am 6:15am 6:24am 6:39am 6:57am
Sunset 1st 5:58pm 6:19pm 6:33pm 6:43pm 6:53pm 7:06pm 7:14pm 7:07pm 6:44pm 6:16pm 5:52pm 5:45pm
Sunset 15th 6:07pm 6:26pm 6:38pm 6:47pm 6:59pm 7:11pm 7:13pm 6:58pm 6:31pm 6:04pm 5:47pm 5:49pm

The tropical sun can be extremely intense, so exercise caution. Load up on the heavy duty sun-screen. As little as 30 minutes in the summer sun can result in a very bad burn.   The table below shows approximate annual days per each UV level.

Approximate Annual Days per UV Level
UV Rating Approx. Days per Year
11-13 Extreme 120
8-11 Very High 110
6-8 High 60
3-6 Moderate 75

Another way to look at it.
Season Approx. Time Frame UV Rating
Summer Mid-March - Mid-September 11-13 Extreme
Fall Mid-September - Mid-November 6-11 High-Very High
Winter Mid-November - Mid-February 3-6 Moderate
Spring Mid-February - Mid-March 6-11 High-Very High

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